Chemical Solutions' Suppliers

Below is a list of several of our suppliers.

Verdant Oasis - Chemical Manufacturer

Verdant Oasis

Verdant Oasis grows and processes industrial hemp in Europe and is positioned to meet the demand for high quality hemp for use in Personal Care products through vertically integrated operations from seed to finished product. Verdant Oasis owns intellectual property to develop exclusive hemp products from seed bank-certified, genotyped strains, breeding unique hybridized cannabis cultivars in six European countries employing Eco-Farming practices and utilizing proprietary CO2 extraction and refining technology.

Ultra Chemical - Chemical Manufacturer

Ultra Chemical

Ultra Chemical is a manufacturer of speciality chemicals and derivatives for the personal care and cosmetic industries.

MCI Miritz - Chemical Manufacturer

MCI Miritz

MCI Miritz is a leading specialist in the production of citrus products and places tremendous emphasis on providing customers with technologically advanced specialties. Our Citrus products give the deciding advantage and make your flavors and fragrances unique.

Ampak - Chemical Manufacturer


Ampak Company was founded in 1978 supplying functional ingredients for end markets such as Sun Care, Skin Care, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals and Nutritionals. Additionally, they have unique technology to offer specialized custom blending, milling and grinding at their facility located in Michigan. Ampak Company is a Certified Minority Supplier.

Indyk International

Indyk International

Indyk International based in Spain produces high quality vegetable oils specifically refined & decolorized for the cosmetic industry and are of added value to the customers. Specifications may be adapted to each market and specific customer requirements. Their Oils range includes Refined oils, Virgin cold pressed, Organic, Fair trade and cosmetic grade oils. The cosmetic grades oils are composed of 100% refined vegetable oils which give an excellent ratio of performance/cost. All the oils are in stock in New Jersy warehouse.

Chemrez Technology

Chemrez Technology

Chemrez's portfolio of innovative products derived from coconut oil caters to our customers demand for eco-friendly, natural raw materials. Developed according to the principles of green chemistry, our products are used widely in soaps, detergents, dishwashing liquids, shampoos, cosmetics, and even in food applications. Including Coco Surfactants, Cerin Functional Ingredients and Coco Intermediates.

Tidal Vision USA

Tidal Vision USA

Tidal Vision USA: Chitosan has historically been a niche biopolymer that was expensive, inconvenient to use, and only available in a few specifications. Chitosan is a close derivative of Chitin [poly(acetylglucosamine)] and is the second most abundant biopolymer in the world! Our innovations enable us to supply you with ready-to-use Chitosan solutions that are optimized for your application at a lower cost than the market has ever seen, all while leading the industry in customization, quality, and consistency.

Esperis S.p.A. - Chemical Manufacturer

Esperis S.p.A.

Since 1922 Esperis S.p.A has produced and marketed raw materials for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The company is a pioneer in the study of natural extracts and medicinal plants and proponents of the search for natural cosmetics. Today Esperis offers a wide variety of high-quality vegetable oils, extracts, essential oils, and concentrated juices.

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